I met Amy at an open house in the condominium building that I was considering purchasing a unit in. Unlike other agents I had encountered at other open houses, Amy did not use aggressive high-pressure tactics to secure me as a client. Instead, she let me make the decision to contact her. Other agents had urged me to sign an exclusivity contract upon my first meeting with them, which I found off-putting.

Amy, confident in her ability to retain clients, only had me sign the contract when my first offer went in.

My first attempt at purchasing a unit did not pan out due to strong competition. Amy’s cheerful optimism about finding an even better unit helped me to get over my disappointment. This was my first foray into purchasing real-estate and Amy was incredibly supportive, patient and professional throughout the experience. As it turned out, Amy showed me many units over several months before I finally found “the one.” Amy was never late for an appointment, was quick to respond to e-mails or phone calls, and did not pressure me at any time into purchasing a unit. She left the selection of the unit up to me and reassured me that when I walked into “the one” that was for me, I would know. She was right!

Amy found the perfect condo unit for me and helped me through the negotiation process to secure an excellent price.

Amy was able to suggest a great lawyer and she took care of all of the details of the real-estate transaction so that it went as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for a friendly, savvy and truly professional real estate agent.