The Top 5 Schools in Toronto’s West End

What do you think of when you imagine the perfect community for families? Cozy homes on tree-lined streets? Kid-friendly cafes and eateries? Functional green space? All of these features can make a neighbourhood ideal for you and your little ones. But we would argue that proximity to top-notch schools should be high up on your list. Fortunately for parents who are considering a move to the west end, there’s no shortage of fantastic schooling options in the area. Learning more about them is the key to finding the one that’s right for your family.

If you want your children to get an excellent education in west Toronto, here are five of the top schools to consider…

1) Swansea Public School

West of High Park and south of Bloor Street, you’ll find one of the best educational institutions in the city. Swansea Public School is over a hundred years old, making it a true west end institution. It’s also incredibly popular, which makes sense given all that this elementary school has to offer. A diverse student population, a wide range of extracurriculars, and impressive academic performance scores—as far as we’re concerned, Swansea has a lot to brag about. The school’s facilities are also fantastic. Students enjoy a double gym and field, a great library, and even a nearby pond and forest (perfect for the young nature lover in your family).

2) Keele Street Public School

Though its population is smaller, Keele Street Public School has a lot in common with Swansea. There are many languages spoken on the playground, a testament to the school’s diversity. Keele also checks off the right academic boxes—its students score above average on the province’s EQAO assessments for reading, writing, and math. Not only that, Keele offers a wide range of extracurricular activities—from athletics to visual arts to chess and everything in between! Last but not least, here’s a bonus for those of you with little ones who love the water. The Keele Community Centre’s pool is on site, which makes family swims ultra convenient.

3) High Park Alternative School

Do you want your kids to be educated at a smaller school? Is encouraging them to get involved in the community (and the world around them) high on your list of priorities? If so, you might want to consider High Park Alternative School. This private institution offers a curriculum that focuses on civic engagement and highlights social justice issues. Teachers focus on project-based learning that helps prepare kids for the real world, and there are also many opportunities for experiential learning outside of the classroom.

4) Humberside Collegiate Institute

If your kids are about to enter high school, we think you should consider Humberside Collegiate Institute. Founded in 1892, Humberside draws on tradition to provide a high-quality education that’s stood the test of time. The school focuses on every aspect of student development—including intellectual, psychological, and physical health—so that graduates go on to become incredibly well-rounded people. As an older campus, Humberside is also architecturally impressive. Its red brick facade is magnificent, while its modern interior provides the perfect learning environment for young people who will soon be transitioning into college or university.

5) Runnymede Collegiate Institute

Like Humberside, Runnymede Collegiate Institute has a long history (over 90 years) of providing top-notch educational experiences. This school’s medium-sized population offers students the perfect balance: it’s big enough to provide a thriving school culture, yet small enough to ensure that every student receives individual attention. In addition to the fundamentals, Runnymede offers a wide variety of courses in the arts, business, and world studies (among other disciplines).

There’s no doubt about it: the west end is home to some of the best schools in Toronto. while the options above are definitely worth considering, we believe in exploring your options! To find the perfect school, neighbourhood, and home, talk to a real estate professional who knows what family life is really like across the communities that make up the west end.

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