Walking dog in the park

Your dog isn’t just your pet—they’re a member of the family. It goes without saying that you want to give them a happy, healthy, and carefree life, which includes plenty of time outdoors. While it’s not always easy to find pup-friendly spaces in this city, west enders are in luck. From Mimico to Swansea, there’s no shortage of fantastic dog parks to explore in West Toronto.

Here are five west-end green spaces that your canine companion will love just as much as you do…

1) Humber Bay Park West

If you’re looking for bike trails and scenic views, you can’t go wrong with Humber Bay Park West. And for dog lovers, it gets even better. Your furry friend will love roaming free in this Etobicoke park’s off-leash area, which is fenced-in and very well maintained. You’ll love birdwatching or simply looking out over the bay while dogs run, play, and bask in the sun around you. Ample parking makes the area more accessible, while public washrooms mean you won’t have to cut your visit short for a bathroom break.

2) High Park

As far as we’re concerned, this is the mother of all dog parks. At an impressive 8.5 acres, High Park’s leash-free area is a west end go-to for canine explorers and the people who love them. We’re not just talking about big, open spaces. You’ll also find an abundance of paved and natural trails, providing different environments for your pooch’s play. Our advice? Head to High Park on a Saturday or Sunday. Grab your lovable pup, buy a coffee from your favourite cafe, and prepare to spend a day enjoying the great outdoors!

3) Beresford Park

Located near Runnymede Road and Bloor Street West, Beresford Park is one of those truly great little neighbourhood hubs. Here you’ll find a wading pool, a playground, and plenty of charming green space—including a pretty off-leash area. Of course, it’s not just the opportunity to dive into nature that makes Beresford Park such a great place to bring your pup. It’s also the social aspect. Put simply, this is a great place to catch up with your neighbours—of both the dog and human variety.

4) Rennie Park

Rennie Park is a favourite of Swansea residents, and for good reason. Active kids and parents will find a lot packed into this 9.7-hectare space—from tennis courts to natural forest to hiking trails. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your furriest family member along when you visit! There’s no shortage of space for long walks, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by fellow dog lovers. Unfortunately, Rennie Park is no longer home to an off-leash area. But trust us, it’s still a paradise for any dog who needs some serious outdoor time!

5) Sir Casimir Gzowski Park

If your pooch is on the mischievous side, Sir Casimir Gzowski Park is the perfect place to take them. The off-leash area is fenced-in and double-gated for security, so the chances of your dog running off are slim. Another major bonus? You’ll find soft sand on the ground, which is a far less messy option than mud. The park is quieter than most, and it’s also a great place to visit without your pup. Enjoy the cycling trails, plan a picnic, or hit the beach on a sunny day!

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