Moving holds one of the top spots in stressful life events. Managing a move is like juggling many moving integrated parts that often do not cooperate with one another. However, with a little planning ahead, there are ways to proactively reduce the stress created when anticipating a big move, especially when the moving date is fast approaching. In addition to strategic planning, there are some creative and proven solutions that can help you make your move much easier to your new home. Check out these storage solutions, as well as some unique ideas when preparing for your next big move.

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Pack Less by Decluttering First

Before you start packing for your impending move, it is a smart idea to categorize (and take out) the items you own that you no longer need or want, such as the ones that lost their functionality, or are simply outdated. The ultimate goal of this storage solution is to make sure you take the time to discern the stuff that should be moved soon, and which items should be donated, thrown in the trash, or held in a long-term storage facility. It is a good idea to know the new home’s measurements to help in identifying the ‘no longer needed/wanted’ stuff, which is essentially extraneous stuff that will only increase the cost of the move. 

Take Advantage of Innovative Mobile Storage Solutions

For more than two decades, the mobile storage’s ingenious solution has created solutions to some truly challenging moving dilemmas. These Mobile Storage Solution companies offer several sizes of mobile storage; some, large enough to store three to four average sized rooms in an apartment or home. For example, a 10-foot by 15-foot mobile storage unit holds a similar amount to a 20-foot rental truck.

Decide what should be put in a Long Term Storage Facility

As noted above in the declutter strategy, homeowners generally own items that are only used sporadically (like once or twice a year) or items that hold sentimental value, but little, if any, utility value. These are the items that are perfect and easily be stored in a long storage facility. The average long-term storage facility is used to store seasonal stuff, stuff that is only used in a defined time period, or holiday decorations, to name a few.

Make Unpacking Easier by Labeling Boxes in an Organized Method – Right from the Start

Anyone who has endured a significant move knows that packing each moving box after the next is a time-consuming project and often exhausting. This strategy proactively seeks to streamline the second half of the move. The good news is that labeling moving boxes by room is a great idea to reduce the work and stress caused by the second half of the move; when it is time to unpack. “Rooms”, in this sense, refer to traditional rooms like bedrooms, kitchens and den/family rooms, but also to attics, basements, and garages. Make sure to label your boxes according to the rooms that they belong to so that your move goes by faster.

As you may observe, there are plenty of ways that you can undertake to prepare for your next big move. From properly labeling your boxes, to getting rid of unwanted things, and storing your items in a storage facility. When your big moving day comes, it is always best to be prepared to make it go as smoothly as possible so that you can relocate to your new home, kick back, and enjoy your new property swiftly. 

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Thanks to Ari Rush at XYZ Storage for the inspiration.